Forex Managed Accounts, Login Trader.

Forex Managed Accounts, Login Trader.

Posted on Aug 11, 2014 at 12:55 PM

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Forex Managed Accounts

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Located at Chennai, in the year 2005 a forex trading company called LOGIN Trader was founded. The founder Mr.Raja Mohamed,  has ensured that many services which are based on trading in foreign exchange are provided by the company. A variety of services are provided like opening of a Forex live account, training in Forex trading, provision of software for auto trading in foreign exchange trading, VPS hosting, account management, optimizing and development of expert advisors or EAs, etc. An approximate of $1500 USD is the minimum investment needed wherein you are guaranteed no loss!

Both parties decide the date and negotiations take place in the forward contract. Swap is a forward transaction that is very common. At a future date, the transaction could get reversed and both parties for a certain time frame can have the currencies exchanged. No exchange center is needed in this transaction and this contract is not standardized. In the case of future transaction, the standardized futures are traded on a particular exchange that has been created specifically for the purpose. Three months is the length of the contract at an average.

Option transaction is another kind of transaction in foreign exchange. In this transaction the rights are held by the owner himself. However he has no obligation to have the money exchanged that is denominated in one currency into a currency of another kind on a date that has been specified for a within some pre agreed upon date. Of all the foreign exchange transactions in the world, the FX option is considered the most liquid, largest and the deepest market as far as options are concerned. Trading in foreign exchange is a kind of game finally, and it may not be possible to win all the time. But with LOGIN partnering the endeavor, the thrust upwards is more!

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  • 10% to 20% Profit Per Week
  • Low risk Trading Strategy
  • Full Control on your Account
  • Your Capital Risk 10% Only
  • 90% your equity is Safe
  • Min Investment $10000 USD

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    50/50 Profit Shares

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